A Christian church dartball league since the 1930s.

Wood County Dartball League

Wood County Dartball League (Ohio)

                              Wood County Dartball League Trivia

Do you know who scored 12 runs in one inning and still lost the game?   To find out - click on this link.

Now this is what you call in the "Big-inning" - what team scored 18 runs in just one inning?

Do you knowwhat player had two (2) Grand Slam Home runs in one inning?  This would be quite a feat in one night let alone in one inning!

Do you know - What current player is world known for his patent "under the leg shot"?

Since moving to the Round Robin format for the Tournament, I believe there has only been one team that I am aware of to "run the table" by winning all eleven games played and capture the Tournament Crown.

Do you know - what player had 17 RBI in one night during the 2008 - 2009 season?

Who is the 2009 Wood County Dartball League "Sugar Daddy"? 

Do you know - who is known as the "Green Corner Coach"? 

What is the "official unofficial" snack food of the Wood County Dartball League and what happened to it?...

What player or players had 4 hits in one inning - yes that is correct in one inning?

Talk about getting in a groove - what player had a string of 20 consecutive hits during regular season play?


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